Common Course Numbering System

CCN Prefixes in Use

Discipline Prefix Prefix Description
Architecture AAD Architecture - Design
Architecture AAE Architecture
Architecture AAI Architecture - Interior
Architecture AAL Architecture - Landscape
Unknown AAS African-American Studies
Unknown ABDY Automotive Technology, Collision And Repair
Unknown ABNR Agriculture Biotechnology and Natural Resources
Architecture ABS Architecture Building Science
Unknown AC Air Conditioning
Business ACC Accounting
Unknown ACE Academic and Career Exploration
Architecture ADT Architectural Design Technology
Unknown AE Aerospace Engineering
Unknown AES Air Force Rotc
Unknown AGR Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Unknown AGSC Agricultural Science
Unknown AHA Arts & Humanities Administration
Unknown AIIS American Indian And Indigenous Studies
Unknown AIS Asian Studies
Unknown AIT Applied Industrial Technology
Unknown ALS Academic And Life Success
Unknown AM American Sign Language
Health AMI Advanced Medical Imaging
Unknown AMS Applied Mathematics & Science
Unknown ANSC Animal Science
Unknown ANTH Anthropology
Business APEC Applied Economics
Construction APP Apprenticeship
Unknown APST Applied Statistics
World Languages and Cultures ARA Arabic
World Languages and Cultures ARM Armenian
Unknown ART Art
Construction ASB Asbestos
Mathematics ASC Academic Success
Unknown AST Astronomy
Unknown ATEC Automotive Technician Educational Cooperative
Unknown ATMS Atmospheric Science
Unknown AUTB Automotive - Autobody
Unknown AUTO Automotive
Unknown AV Aviation
Grad Study - Prefix in Use BAN Bsiness Analytics - Grad Level
World Languages and Cultures BASQ Basque
Unknown BCH Biochemistry
Business BGES Business Global Entrepreneurships Scholars
Construction BI Building Inspection
Unknown BIOL Biology
Unknown BIOT Biotechnology
Business BLW Business Law
Unknown BME Biomedical Engineering
Business BNK Banking
Construction BRL Bricklayers
Unknown BT Building Technology
Construction BTC Building Trades - Carpentry
Construction BTE Building Trades - Electrical
Construction BTL Building Trades - Laborers
Construction BTO Building Trades Heavy Equipment Operator
Construction BTP Building Trades - Plumbing
Construction BTS Building Trades Construction Sheet Metal
Construction BTT Building Trades Telecommunication Technician
Business BUS Business
Unknown CA Computer Applications
Unknown CADD Drafting
Unknown CAPS Counseling And Personnel Services
Unknown CAS Human And Community Sciences
Unknown CBL Community Based Learning
Education CE Cooperative Education
Education CED Counselor Education
Unknown CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
Unknown CEM Construction Management
Unknown CEP Counseling And Educational Psychology
Unknown CF Computer Forensics
Unknown CFA College Of Fine Arts
Unknown CFT Couples And Family Therapy
Unknown CH Core Humanities
Unknown CHE Chemical Engineering
Unknown CHEM Chemistry
World Languages and Cultures CHI Chinese
Health CHS Community Health Science
Computer Science CIT Computer Information Technology
Unknown CLA Classical Studies
Health CLS Clinical Laboratory Science
Construction CMA Cement Mason Apprentice
Grad Study - Prefix in Use CME Critical Multicultural Education
Health CMI Comprehensive Medical Imaging
Education COE College of Education
Unknown COLA College Of Liberal Arts
Unknown COM Communication
Construction CONS Construction
Unknown COS Cosmetology
Computer Science COT Computer Office Technology
Unknown COU Counseling
Unknown CPD Counseling And Personal Development
Computer Science CPE Computer Engineering
Construction CPT Carpenters
Unknown CR Crafts
Criminal Justice CRJ Criminal Justice
Health CRS Cardiorespiratory Science
Computer Science CS Computer Science
Computer Science CSCO Cisco
Criminal Justice CSEC Cybersecurity
Unknown CT Craft Training
Unknown CTC Craft Training - Carpentry
Unknown CTE Craft Training
Education CTL Curriculum, Teaching, And Learning
Unknown CTM College Transition Math
Unknown CTRP Court Reporting
Unknown CUL Hotel, Casino, Culinary, Resort
Health DA Dental Assisting
Unknown DAN Dance
Business DATA Data Science/Analytics
Architecture DFT Drafting
Health DH Dental Hygiene
Unknown DRV Truck Driving
Unknown DT Diesel Technology
Construction DWA Drywall Applicator Apprentice
Construction DWF Drywall Finisher Apprentice
Education ECE Early Childhood Education
Business ECON Economics
Education EDCT Career And Technical Education
Education EDEL Education
Education EDES Integrated Elementary/Special Education
Education EDH Education-Higher Ed
Education EDHH Education
Education EDMS Education
Education EDRL Education
Education EDS Educational Specialties
Education EDSC Education
Education EDSP Special Education
Education EDU Education
Education EDUC Education
Education EDW Education
Education EDWF Education Workforce
Unknown EE Electrical Engineering
Unknown EED Entertainment Engineering And Design
Unknown EGG Engineering
Unknown EIT Electrical Instrumentation Technology
Education EL Educational Leadership
Unknown ELEC Electrical
Unknown ELM Electrical Technology
Unknown EM Emergency Management-Use EMHS
Unknown EMA Emergency Management Administration-Use EMHS
Unknown EMHS Emergency Management/Homeland Security
Health EMS Emergency Medical Services
English/English as a Second Language ENG English
Unknown ENGR Engineering
Unknown ENRG Energy
Business ENT Entrepreneurship
Unknown ENV Environmental Sciences
Education EPD Education Professional Development
Education EPY Educational Leadership And Psychology
Unknown ES Library Science
English/English as a Second Language ESC English Skills Course
Unknown ESH Environmental Safety And Health
English/English as a Second Language ESL English As A Second Language
Unknown ET Electronics Technology
Unknown ETS Ethnic Studies
Unknown FAB Hotel, Casino, Culinary, Resort
Health FCM Family And Community Medicine
World Languages and Cultures FIL Filipino
Unknown FILM Film Studies
Business FIN Finance
Construction FLCV Flooring Trade
Unknown FLOR Floral Design
Unknown FMM Facility Maintenance and Manufacturing
World Languages and Cultures FREN French
Unknown FS Fire Science
Unknown FT Fire Science
Health FUNS Funeral Services
Unknown FYE First Year Experience
Unknown GAM Hotel, Casino, Gaming, Culinary, Resort
Unknown GE Geological Engineering
Unknown GEOG Geography
Unknown GEOL Geology
World Languages and Cultures GER German
Unknown GERO Gerontology
Unknown GFM Golf Course Management
Unknown GIS Geographic Info Systems
Unknown GLO Global Studies
Construction GLZR Glazier
Unknown GPH Geophysics
Unknown GRC Graphic Communications
World Languages and Cultures GRE Greek
Unknown GRI Gender, Race And Identity
Unknown GSC General Studies Communications
Unknown GWK Great Works
Health HCA Health Care Administration
Health HCE Health Care Ethics
Unknown HCT Heavy Commercial Transportation
Unknown HDFS Human Development & Family Studies
World Languages and Cultures HEB Hebrew
Health HED Health & Physical Education
Health HESC Health Science
Unknown HGPS Holocaust, Genocide And Peace Studies
Health HHP Health And Human Performance
Unknown HIST History
Health HIT Health Information Technology
Health HLTH Health Occupations
Unknown HMD Hotel, Casino, Culinary, Resort
Unknown HMS Human Services
Unknown HON Honors
Unknown HP Historic Preservations
Health HPS Health Physics
Health HSC Health Sciences
Unknown HUM Humanities
Unknown HYP Hypnosis
Unknown IAFF International Affairs
Business IB International Business
Business IBUS International Business
Education ICE Education
Education ICS Education
Unknown IDS Interdisciplinary Studies
Unknown IEE Industrial Energy Efficiency
Unknown IM Industrial Management
Unknown IMT Industrial Maintenance Technology
Unknown INF Informatics
Business INS Finance
Unknown INT Integrative Studies
Architecture INTD Architecture/Interior Design
Construction IRW Ironworking
Business IS Information Systems
Unknown ISC Integrated Studies
Unknown IT Industrial Plant Mechanics
World Languages and Cultures ITAL Italian
Business ITE Information Systems
Journalism JOUR Journalism
World Languages and Cultures JPN Japanese
Health KIN Kinesiology
World Languages and Cultures KOR Korean
Architecture LAND Landscape Architecture
Unknown LAS Latin American Studies
World Languages and Cultures LAT Latin
Unknown LAW Law
Business LCM Loss Control Management
Education LDE Leadership Development and Engagement
Unknown LEAP Learning Experience Assessment Program
Business LGM Logistics Management
Unknown LIB Library Science
Unknown LTE Laboratory Technician
Health MA Medical Assistant
Unknown MASG Massage
Mathematics MATH Mathematics
Health MCOD Medical Coding
Unknown ME Mechanical Engineering
Health MED Medical Education
Unknown MET Metallurgical Engineering
Business MGT Management
Health MHDD Mental Health
Unknown MICR Microbiology And Immunology
Unknown MIL Military Science
Unknown MINE Mining Engineering
Business MKT Marketing
Unknown MPT Manufacturing And Production Technology
Unknown MSE Materials Science And Engineering
Unknown MST Museum Studies
Unknown MT Mechanical Technology
Unknown MTL Welding
Health MTRN Medical Transcription
Unknown MTT Machine Tool Technology
Unknown MTTA Machine Tool Technology
Unknown MUS Music
Unknown MUSA Music-Applied
Unknown MUSE Music-Ensemble
Construction MWA Millwright Apprentice
Grad Study - Prefix in Use NEUR Neurology
Unknown NGPF Natural Gas Pipefitters
Unknown NGPO Natural Gas Pressure Operator
Unknown NGSM Natural Gas Serviceman
Grad Study - Prefix in Use NP Nuclear Packaging - Grad
Unknown NRES Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Unknown NS Neuroscience
Health NUC Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Unknown NURS Nursing
Unknown NUTR Nutrition
Unknown NVTC Nevada Teach
Unknown ODAL Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Unknown OH Ornamental Horticulture
Construction OPE Operating Engineers
Unknown OPHT Ophthalmic Technician
Construction OPME Operating Maintenance Engineers
Unknown OS Occupational Science
Unknown OSH Occupational Safety & Health
Unknown OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant
World Languages and Cultures PAIT Paiute
Grad Study - Prefix in Use PAS Physician Assistant Studies - Grad Level
Unknown PBH Public Health
Unknown PCB Physiology And Cell Biology
Construction PDA Pile Driver Apprentice
Physical Education PED Health & Physical Education
Unknown PET Automotive - Power Equipment Tech
Physical Education PEX Health & Physical Education
Unknown PGM Professional Golf Management
Unknown PHAR Pharmacology
Unknown PHIL Philosophy
Unknown PHO Photography
Unknown PHYS Physics
Construction PLA Plasterer Apprentice
Construction PLCM Plaster/Cement Mason
Construction PLST Plaster
Unknown PN Practical Nursing
World Languages and Cultures PORT Portuguese
Construction PPF Plumbers And Pipefitters
Grad Study - Prefix in Use PPY Doctor of Public Policy
Unknown PSC Political Science
Unknown PSY Psychology
Unknown PT Physical Therapy
Construction PTD Painting/Decorating
Unknown PTR Personal Trainer
Unknown PUA Public Administration
Unknown RAD Radiologic Technology
Unknown RDTP Radiation Therapy Technology
Unknown RE Real Estate
English/English as a Second Language READ Reading
Unknown RECO Resource Economics
Unknown REM Rangeland Ecology and Management
Construction RFR Roofers
Unknown RLS Hotel, Casino, Culinary, Resort
Unknown RNFA Surgical Assisting
Unknown RS Refrigeration Service
Unknown RST Religious Studies
World Languages and Cultures RUS Russian
Unknown SBRM Ski Business and Resort Management
Unknown SCI Mathematics And Science Education
Unknown SCM Supply Chain Management
Construction SCT Sustainable Construction
Construction SEA Scaffold Erector Apprentice
Unknown SENR Senior Computing
Unknown SIM Sports Injury Management
Unknown SKC Skills Center
Construction SMTL Sheet Metal
Unknown SNR Senior Computing
Unknown SOC Sociology
Unknown SOL Solar Energy Technology
Unknown SON Sonography
Unknown SOTA School Of The Arts
Unknown SPA Speech Pathology And Audiology
Unknown SPAN Spanish
English/English as a Second Language SPEL Spelling
Grad Study - Prefix in Use SPSY Social Psychology - Graduate
Unknown SRGT Surgical Technology
Unknown SRJS Social Research and Justice Studies
Unknown SSK Study Skills
Mathematics STAT Statistics
Unknown STFA Surgical Assisting
Unknown STML Sheet Metal
Unknown SUR Surveying
Unknown SW Social Work
Unknown TA Technical Arts
Unknown TCA Tourism, Convention Authority
English/English as a Second Language TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
World Languages and Cultures THAI Thai
Unknown THTR Theater
Construction TLS Tilesetters
Construction TMST Teamsters
Unknown TT Transport Technology
Unknown UNAE University Of Nevada-Academic For The Environment
Unknown URST Urban Studies
Unknown VETN Veterinary Nursing
Unknown VID Video And Film
Unknown VIS Visual Media
Unknown VM Veterinary Medicine
Unknown VMT Visual Media Technology - no longer used-use VIS
Unknown VOC Vocabulary Skills
Unknown WELD Welding
Unknown WF Fire Science
World Languages and Cultures WLC World Languages and Cultures
World Languages and Cultures WLL World Languages and Literatures
Unknown WMST Womens Studies
Unknown WOOD Woodworking
Unknown WWT ESH-Wastewater