Complete College America Goals for Nevada

The purpose of Complete College America (CCA) is to significantly increase the number of Americans with a college degree or credential of value and to close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations. The national CCA goal is by 2020, six out of 10 young adults will have a college degree or credential of value (60 percent college attainment goal). Nevada adopted the CCA goal recommendation of 1,064 additional awards each year through 2020 - a compounding increase. Nevada's CCA goal is based on the 60 percent college attainment goal.

Nevada joined the Complete College America alliance in 2010. For the first three years of CCA participation, NSHE's share of the statewide goal was 888 awards per year. Outcomes from the first three years of CCA can be found here and include certificates of at least 30 credits, associates, and bachelor's degrees only.

In 2014, the CCA goals were “recalibrated” to include certificates of less than 30 credits that provide training that leads to a state, national, or industry certification. Under the recalibration, NSHE's share of the goal is 790 awards per year distributed across NSHE institutions. The dashboards provided here are based on the recalibrated goals.

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All NSHE Institutions

Category Base Line
Goal N/A 15,050 15,840 16,630 17,420 18,210 19,000 19,790
Actual 14,260 15,171 15,903 16,607 17,361
Difference - 121 63 -23 -59
Source: IPEDS
* <30 credit certificates, >= 30 credit certificates, associate's, and bachelor's.