Forms and Requests

Here you will find the forms and requests used by the NSHE Institutional Research or other Academics and Student Affairs Office. Select one of the options below to view the up-to-date forms and requests for the indicated department.

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Due Date Report / File Name Notes and/or Special Instructions
Oct 15, 2019 Completions Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Oct 18, 2019 Official Enrollment Report Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 APScores Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
The data for this report will include all data from Fall 2011 (term begins date) to the DATE when you take your institution's snapshot for the semester you are reporting.
Jan 20, 2020 Cohort Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 CPP Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Enrollment Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Student Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Taxonomy Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page

NSHE IR Student Data Warehouse ENROLLMENT File

Please review these instructions carefully to identify updates to the templates. It is important that instructions are followed as these files are loaded to a data warehouse and the file structure affects the load. Please pay particular attention to the following:
It is important that only the number of columns listed in the template are included and that your file includes the header row even if the values in the columns are to be left blank. DO NOT add additional columns. If the number of columns in your file does not match the number of columns in the template, the file will be rejected. The column number must match in order to validate the contents of your file.

File naming for validation
File should be submitted in CSV format with the following naming convention:
FileName _ InstitutionCode _ TermCode _ DateDataPulled.csv where the DateDataPulled is in this format MMDDYYYY
(i.e. ENROLLMENT_TMCC1_2198_12062019.csv)

Field Name / Column Heading Make sure your file contains the header row even if the values in the column are to be left blank.
*Acceptable Codes / Values: Institutions may use any codes that they find are appropriate for their own institution but when reporting to NSHE, institutions have to report the data using the codes listed in the acceptable code / values column. These codes are in bold, if applies, use these codes and NOT the code description in the [square brackets]

Column Order Field Name/Column Heading Field Type/Length Field Notes/Description Acceptable Code/Values (in bold)
A code used to identify each institution within NSHE

2 EMPL_ID varchar(10)
NSHE-wide common identification number

3 TERM_CODE varchar(4)
PeopleSoft term format

4 CLASS_NUMBER varchar(5)
Unique identifier for a section of the class in a given term.

5 CATALOG_NUMBER varchar(10)
The official number or other identifier that serves to uniquely identify a course within the offering academic unit. Board policy also uses the course number to identify the level of the course (Remedial/developmental courses 001-099, Lower-division 100-299, Upper-division 300-499, State College Graduate Courses 500-699, University Graduate Courses 500-799) "101" in Psychology 101.

6 SUBJECT_CODE varchar(8)
Code that identifies the subject area of a course (i.e. MATH, ENGL)

7 CLASS_SECTION varchar(4)
The section number of a course

8 COURSE_TITLE varchar(30)
The name of the course as it appears in the catalog

9 CAMPUS_CODE varchar(5)
Distinct campus associated with an NSHE institution

10 LOCATION_ID varchar(10)
The official identifier that uniquely identifies the campus(es) or delivery site of a multi-campus institution on which a course may be offered and that is located at a separate physical or virtual location

11 INSTRUCTION_MODE varchar(2)
A code to represent the type of instructional setting for each section of each course. Describes how the course is delivered. Distance education codes identified as per Board policy related to funding
CR [Correspondence]
EN [InPersonWW]
FS [FieldStudy]
HY [Hybrid]
IO [Independent Study with Web Participation]
IS [IndepStudy]
P [In Person]
RO [VidRcvEN]
SO [VidSendEN]
VR [Interactive Video Receiving Site]
VS [Interactive Video Sending Site]
WB [Web-based]
WM [Web-based w/ on/off campus mtg]
12 COURSE_CAREER varchar(4)
Indicates whether the course enrollment is undergraduate, graduate, Law, or Dental Medicine
DENT [Dental]
GRAD [Graduate]
LAWS [Law]
MEDS [Medical]
NOCR [Non-Credit]
PROF [Professional]
UGRD [Undergraduate]
Indicates whether this enrollment is state supported (i.e., funded through the legislative formula)
N [No]
Y [Yes]
The student's final grade in the course - if a grade used at your institution is not found in the acceptable list and you think it should be in the list, please contact the IR office.

15 COURSE_UNITS number(5,2)
Indicates the number of student credit hours for the enrollment

16 DELIVERY_METHOD varchar(3)
CLN [Clinical]
CON [Continuance]
DI2 [Discussion 2]
DIS [Discussion]
FLD [Field Studies]
IND [Independent Study]
INT [Internship]
LAB [Laboratory]
LEC [Lecture]
LLB [Lecture/Lab]
LLC [Lecture/Laboratory/Clinical]
PEX [Physical Exercise and Activity]
PRA [Practicum]
RSC [Research]
SEM [Seminar]
SUP [Supervision]
THE [Thesis Research]
TUT [Tutorial]
17 GRADING_BASIS varchar(3)
ADM [Administrative]
AUD [Audit]
CBE [Credit By Exam]
CED [Continuing Ed Pass/Withdraw]
EQV [Equivalent]
GRD [Graded]
MED [Medical School Grades]
NGP [Cross-Career Earn Hrs No GPA]
NON [Non-Graded Component]
PNP [Pass/Not Pass]
REM [Remedial]
RSU [Remedial, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory]
S/F [Satisfactory/Failing]
SUS [Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory]
TDX [Thesis/Dissertation]
XGR [Graded (with X)]
XSF [S/F (with X)]
18 PRIMARY_SECTION varchar(5)
Primary Section for Interactive Video Receiving Sites with multiple sections (instruction modes VR or RO)

19 CATALOG_NUMBER_NSHE number(10,0)
COLUMN REQUIRED - NSHE USE ONLY. Leave Blank (catalog number)

COLUMN REQUIRED - NSHE USE ONLY. Leave Blank (catalog number suffix in PS)