Academic Program Information System (APIS)

The Academic Program Information System (APIS) includes undergraduate and graduate-level degrees approved by the Board of Regents to be conferred by NSHE institutions. In addition, certificate programs of greater than 30 credits and skills certificates of 9 to 29 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included. Skills certificates of less than 9 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included by exception.

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Program StatusInstitution Degree
(Other or Named Degree)
Program NameProgram CreditsCIP CodeName of Credential ExamDate Approved
ActiveNSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceAllied Health Science120-127512016-06-09
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceAutomotive Technology Management522005-04-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceBiology262002-04-01
ActiveNSUBSBA - Bachelor of Science in Business AdministrationBusiness Administration522003-05-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceChemistry120402021-09-10
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsCommunication Studies120092016-06-09
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceConstruction Management462007-06-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsCriminal Justice120432013-09-01
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceCriminal Justice120432007-06-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsData Science120112020-09-09
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceData Science120112020-09-09
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsDeaf Studies120052017-03-02
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsEarly Childhood Education124132020-06-04
Eliminated on
NSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsEconomics120452002-10-01
Eliminated on
NSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceEducation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing132007-06-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsElementary Education132002-04-01
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceEngineering Technology152007-06-01
ActiveNSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceEngineering Technology127152015-06-11
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsEnglish232002-04-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceEnvironmental and Resource Science032002-04-01
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceFire Science432007-06-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsHistory452002-04-01
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceHorticulture Business Management522005-04-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceHuman Health Sciences120512019-09-06
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceInformation Technology112007-06-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsInterdisciplinary Studies302003-05-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceInterdisciplinary Studies302003-05-01
ActiveNSUBPA - Bachelor of Public AdministrationLaw Enforcement432002-04-01
DeactivatedNSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceManagement120522004-08-01
ActiveNSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceMathematics120272014-12-04
Eliminated on
NSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceMedia Technologies102007-06-01
ActiveNSUBSN - Bachelor of Science in NursingNursing512002-04-01
ActiveNSUMSN - Masters of Science in NursingNursing Leadership36512023-06-08
Eliminated on
NSUBS - Bachelors of ScienceOccupational Science512006-08-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsPsychology422002-04-01
Deactivated on
NSUBS - Bachelors of SciencePsychology422003-05-01
ActiveNSUEdS - Education SpecialistSchool Psychology63422022-09-09
ActiveNSUBAEd - Bachelor of Arts in EducationSecondary Education132002-04-01
ActiveNSUBSEd - Bachelor of Science in EducationSecondary Education132002-04-01
ActiveNSUM.Ed - Masters of EducationSpeech Language Pathology49512018-03-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsSpeech Pathology512003-08-01
Eliminated on
NSUMA - Masters of ArtsSpeech-Language Pathology512006-10-01
ActiveNSUBA - Bachelors of ArtsVisual Media120102003-06-01
ActiveNSUBAS - Bachelors of Applied ScienceVisual Media120502015-06-11