NSHE Accountability Reports

In April 2002, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approved a systemwide master plan. This plan, Building Nevada"s Future: A Master Plan for Higher Education in Nevada, is meant to define the goals and set an agenda for higher education in the State of Nevada. The plan is based on the premise that higher education is a public good that should contribute to Nevada’s economic, social, and cultural development.

The plan"s goals and associated targets are ambitious as they establish a roadmap for the future of higher education in the state. Continuous progress toward these goals will be expected, measured, and communicated in an on-going effort to provide evidence of improvement. With this notion at the heart of the Master Plan, System Administration, with input from the universities and colleges, established a public accountability process. Through the development of a core set of performance indicators, systemwide measures and benchmarks will be monitored and published regularly to identify advancement at both the system and institution levels. Following the charge in the Master Plan, this document identifies and measures twelve distinct performance areas. These performance areas provide a framework to focus the task of assessing and monitoring progress toward the goals outlined in the Master Plan.

For information about the performance indicators, please contact Linda Heiss, director of institutional research, at Linda_Heiss@nshe.nevada.edu.