Academic Program Information System (APIS)

The Academic Program Information System (APIS) includes undergraduate and graduate-level degrees approved by the Board of Regents to be conferred by NSHE institutions. In addition, certificate programs of greater than 30 credits and skills certificates of 9 to 29 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included. Skills certificates of less than 9 credits leading to industry licensure or certification are included by exception.

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Program Status Institution Program Name Program Credits Award CIP Code Name of Credential Exam Date Approved Program Notes
Active NSC Allied Health Science 120-127 BAS 51 2016-06-09
Active NSC Biology BS 26 2002-04-01
Active NSC Business Administration BSBA 52 2003-05-01
Active NSC Communication Studies 120 BA 09 2016-06-09
Active NSC Criminal Justice 120 BA 43 2013-09-01
Active NSC Deaf Studies 120 BA 05 2017-03-02 Per Tony Scinta email (10/1/2018) the start date for the BA in Deaf Studies was actually Fall 2017 (not Fall 2018 as indicated on the program proposal). The program is included in the new program review for Fall 2017.
Active NSC Economics BA 45 2002-10-01
Active NSC Elementary Education BA 13 2002-04-01
Active NSC Engineering Technology 127 BAS 15 2015-06-11
Active NSC English BA 23 2002-04-01
Active NSC Environmental and Resource Science BS 03 2002-04-01
Active NSC History BA 45 2002-04-01
Active NSC Interdisciplinary Studies BA 30 2003-05-01
Active NSC Interdisciplinary Studies BS 30 2003-05-01
Active NSC Law Enforcement BPA 43 2002-04-01
Active NSC Management BAS 52 2004-08-01
Active NSC Mathematics 120 BS 27 2014-12-04
Active NSC Nursing BSN 51 2002-04-01
Active NSC Psychology BA 42 2002-04-01
Active NSC Psychology BS 42 2003-05-01