Forms and Requests

Here you will find the forms and requests used by the NSHE Institutional Research or other Academics and Student Affairs Office. Select one of the options below to view the up-to-date forms and requests for the indicated department.

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Due Date Report / File Name Notes and/or Special Instructions
Oct 15, 2019 Completions Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Oct 18, 2019 Official Enrollment Report Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 APScores Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
The data for this report will include all data from Fall 2011 (term begins date) to the DATE when you take your institution's snapshot for the semester you are reporting.
Jan 20, 2020 Cohort Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 CPP Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Enrollment Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Student Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page
Jan 20, 2020 Taxonomy Submit file using the NSHE IR File Requests Upload Page

NSHE IR Student Data Warehouse COHORT File

Please review these instructions carefully to identify updates to the templates. It is important that instructions are followed as these files are loaded to a data warehouse and the file structure affects the load. Please pay particular attention to the following:
It is important that only the number of columns listed in the template are included and that your file includes the header row even if the values in the columns are to be left blank. DO NOT add additional columns. If the number of columns in your file does not match the number of columns in the template, the file will be rejected. The column number must match in order to validate the contents of your file.

File naming for validation
File should be submitted in CSV format with the following naming convention:
FileName _ InstitutionCode _ TermCode _ DateDataPulled.csv where the DateDataPulled is in this format MMDDYYYY
(i.e. COHORT_TMCC1_2198_12062019.csv)

Field Name / Column Heading Make sure your file contains the header row even if the values in the column are to be left blank.
*Acceptable Codes / Values: Institutions may use any codes that they find are appropriate for their own institution but when reporting to NSHE, institutions have to report the data using the codes listed in the acceptable code / values column. These codes are in bold, if applies, use these codes and NOT the code description in the [square brackets]

Column Order Field Name/Column Heading Field Type/Length Field Notes/Description Acceptable Code/Values (in bold)
A code used to identify each institution within NSHE

2 EMPL_ID varchar(10)
NSHE-wide common identification number

3 TERM_CODE varchar(4)
PeopleSoft term format

4 ACAD_CAREER_CODE varchar(4)
The academic career leading to an undergraduate (certificate, associate's, bachelor's), graduate (master's, doctorate), or professional (law, medical) degree
DENT [Dental]
GRAD [Graduate]
LAWS [Law]
MEDS [Medical]
NOCR [Non-Credit]
UGRD [Undergraduate]
5 ACAD_LEVEL_CODE varchar(3)
Undergraduate standing defined by Board policy according to the number of credits earned. Graduate standing, professional standing, non-admits, and non-degree seeking students assigned a standing not determined by number of credits earned
10 [Freshman]
20 [Sophomore]
30 [Junior]
40 [Senior]
50 [Ugrd with Bacc]
GR [Graduate]
GS [Graduate Special]
HS [High School]
MAS [Masters]
NDG [Non-degree]
P09 [Professional - Certificate Program]
P1 [Professional Year 1]
P2 [Professional Year 2]
P3 [Professional Year 3]
P4 [Professional Year 4]
PD [Professional Degree]
PHD [Doctoral]
PM [Graduate - Specialist Level (EDS)]
6 ADMIT_BASIS varchar(5)
Universities only. Undergraduate students, FYR, current term admits only. Basis on which admissions decision was made: met GPA requirement, met test score requirement, alternative criteria per Board policy (Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 3)
ACT [Composite score of 22]
ADV [Advanced high school diploma]
CC [Graduate of a NSHE community college with a transferable associate degree]
GPA [3.0 weighted in required high school courses]
NON [Admitted as non-degree student]
OTH [Other criteria (not to exceed 15 percent of prior year?s admissions)]
SAT [Combined Reading and Math score of 1040]
TRN [Transfer from a NSHE community college per Board policy]
7 ADMIT_TYPE_CODE varchar(3)
A code that identifies standing with regard to institutional academic requirements when first admitted to and enrolled in a program.
Students admitted as first-time (FYR) students in the summer should be coded as FYR for the following fall.

CNT [Continuing]
COA [Co-Admit]
DEN [Dental School]
EES [Early Entry Student]
FYR [First Year]
FYT [First Year Transfer]
GRD [Graduate]
LAW [Law]
MED [Medical]
NON [non-degree]
NWT [New Transfer Student]
RAD [Re-Admit]
SEC [Second Bachelors Degree]
TRN [Transfer Student]
8 ADMIT_TYPE_TERM varchar(4)
Term Code (PeopleSoft format) when first admitted to a program (term associated with the ADMIT_TYPE_CODE)

9 FIRST_TIME_FLAG varchar(1)
A student who has no prior postsecondary experience (except as noted below) attending any institution for the first time at the undergraduate level. This includes students enrolled in academic or occupational programs. It also includes students enrolled in the fall term who attended college for the first time in the prior summer term, and students who entered with advanced standing (college credits earned before graduation from high school) The first-time flag is applied regardless of degree-seeking status. For the purpose of building cohorts, the UGRD_DEGREE_SEEKING_FLAG is used in conjunction with the first-time flag.
N [No]
Y [Yes]
Official residency: In-state or out-of-state.
IS [In State]
OS [Out of State]
Reason for in-state residency determination as defined by Board policy.

12MO [12-month resident with documentation]
ALIE [Alien with conditions]
CAVT [Choice Act - Vets, Spouse, Dependents]
EMPL [NSHE Employee or dependent]
FELL [Graduate Fellow]
FTEM [Full-time employment]
FTFM [Family Full-time employment]
GRAD [Grad Student Employed by NSHE]
NATV [Native Am tribal land in NV]
NVHS [Current NV HS student or grad]
NVID [State of Nevada ID]
NVMI [NV Resident relocated by military]
NVML [Active Duty stationed NV or dependent]
NVVT [Veteran hon discharge NV]
PMML [Active Duty station Pickle Mdws or dependent]
PMVT [Vet hon discharge Pickle Mdws]
PVSC [Private School Teacher meeting NRS 394.130]
RECL [Reclassification of residency]
REDP [Dependent of Resident with documentation]
RTRN [Returning student prior exemp]
SCHD [School District Employee or dependent]
USVT [US Veteran Hon Discharge]
Exceptions to non-resident tuition for students with out of state-residency.

AD [Alumni Dependent]
CCSV [CC Service Courses not st fund]
GDNBR [Good Neighbor]
MDAVG [Medical School Averaged]
NVADV [Nevada Advantage students]
WPSEP [WICHE Prof Student Exchge Prog]
WRGP [Western Regional Grad Program]
WUE [Western Undergraduate Exchange]
WUEX [Expired WUE OS tuition exception]
UGRD students only: Y or N
N [No]
Y [Yes]
14 TERM_FIRST_ENROLL varchar(4)
UGRD career only - Term during which the student first enrolled at the institution

15 HS_STUDENT_FLAG varchar(1)
Flag Y for students who are current high school students. Flag J for Jump Start students.
J [Jump Start]
N [No]
Y [Yes]
16 VETERANS_FLAG varchar(1)
Self-identified Veteran flag excluding dependents regardless of benefits eligibility.
If student is certified for Veterans benefits ( VETERANS_BENEFITS_CERTIFIED is reported as Y), then this field should be reported as Y
N [No]
Y [Yes]
Student certified for Veterans benefits. Excluding dependents
If student is certified for Veterans benefits, VETERANS_FLAG should be reported as Y
N [No]
Y [Yes]
Student eligible for Millennium Scholarship during current term.
N [No]
Y [Yes]
New Students Only, FIRST_TIME_FLAG = Y. Flag used to identify remedial placement status (M=Math, E=English, B=Both, N=Neither, NP=No Placement). The remedial placement flag is applied to a student record if the student places into an English or math class that is less than college level or has content which is less than college level (including stretch math or English courses) using institutionally defined placement methods.

B [Both]
E [English]
M [Math]
N [Neither]
NP [No Placement]
SSOG amount disbursed to student for current term. This is a numeric value. Only whole numbers and/or decimals (up to 2 decimal places) are accepted. No Commas or $ signs. If no amount, leave blank. Do not submit 'zero' values.