Industry Sector Mapping / Academic Programs

In February 2012, the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development released "Moving Nevada Forward: A Plan for Excellence in Economic Development 2012-2014" (State Plan). This dynamic new plan outlined goals and objectives with the stated vision of "A vibrant, innovative, and sustainable economy" and mission of "high-quality jobs for Nevadans." The State Plan further identified targeted sectors and specific opportunities and provided the strategies and initiatives that are best expected to capitalize on the State's existing assets and improve in other areas that require progress. As a key partner in education and a stakeholder in Nevada's future, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) is committed to contributing to the achievement of the goals and objectives contained in the State Plan.

Also in 2012, to give the Board of Regents and the Governor's Office an idea of the educational contributions NSHE institutions were already making to economic development efforts through their academic programs, the universities and community colleges identified programs in that aligned with the eight industry sectors targeted under the State Plan:

  1. Tourism, Gaming, and Entertainment;
  2. Clean Energy;
  3. Health and Medical Services;
  4. Aerospace and Defense;
  5. Mining, Materials, and Manufacturing;
  6. Business IT Ecosystems;
  7. Logistics and Operations; and
  8. Additional promising possibilities including agriculture, intangibles and financial enterprises, and water technology.

The academic program reports prepared by the institutions are compiled in the 2012 Industry Sector Mapping/Academic Programs Report. 2012 Industry Sector Mapping/Academic Programs Report (NSHE research institutions also compiled the 2012 Sponsored Projects/Industry Sector Mapping Report to provide a summary of the research projects aligned with the targeted industry sectors.)

2014 Updates – Academic Mapping

In 2014, the institutions updated their 2012 reports based on the Governor's Workforce Investment Board – Industry Sector Councils. These sector councils generally reflect the 2012 targeted industry sectors, with some adjustments:

  1. Tourism, Gaming, and Entertainment Sector Council;
  2. Clean Energy Sector Council;
  3. Health Care and Medical Service Sector Council;
  4. Aerospace and Defense Sector Council;
  5. Mining & Materials Sector Council;
  6. Manufacturing Sector Council;
  7. Information Technology Sector Council;
  8. Logistics and Operations Sector Council; and
  9. Agriculture Sector Council.

As in the 2012 report, the 2014 updates below are provided by the individual institutions. Throughout this process of "mapping" academic programs to the industry sectors and councils, the institutions took varying approaches in identifying the programs that align with the identified industry sectors and councils. Some programs identified by one institution as aligning with a particular sector may not be similarly identified by a different campus. In addition, numerous important academic programs – such as Education – may not be identified by an institution as aligning with one particular sector or will align to more than one, or even all sectors. Thus, it is important to recognize that the reports provided below (and the 2012 report) are not exhaustive, but serve as general reference tools and examples of many of the NSHE programs that align with industry sectors and councils.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)  

University of Nevada, Reno (UNR)  

Nevada State College (NSC)  

College of Southern Nevada (CSN)  

Great Basin College (GBC)  

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)  

Western Nevada College (WNC)