Strategic Plan Metrics - Research

Co-develop solutions to the critical issues facing 21st century Nevada and raise the overall research profile

Inventions / Patents

FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 5YR Avg
Innovation / Invention Disclosures183734575740.6
New Patent Applications Filed102134222021.4
U.S. Patents Issued131663.4
Exclusive Licenses / Options47113107
Non-Exclusive Licenses / Options------


FRP Innovations: FRP is a company founded by MBA students that licensed a fire retardant technology from the UNLV office of Economic Development. Their primary product, PyroHalt, was developed by a university faculty member via the assistance of a Small Business Innovation Research fund granted by NASA and is protected via two patents for both chemical formulation and application. The product is cost effective, nontoxic, and has a long lifetime. The company has raised additional funds and has been accepted into a local accelerator program. They are currently working to sublicense the technology to a global chemical producer. 1. 2.



Innovation / Invention Disclosures
includes the number of disclosures, no matter how comprehensive, that are submitted during the reported fiscal years and are counted as received by the institution or its designated Intellectual Property Management Office.
New Patent Applications Filed
Includes The First Filing Of The Patentable Subject Matter. New Patent Applications Filed Do Not Include Continuations, Divisionals, Or Reissues, And Typically Do Not Include Cips. When A U.S. Provisional Application Is Converted In To A U.S. Utility Application, Then That Corresponding U.S. Utility Application Is Not Be Counted As New.
U.S. Patents Issued
Includes The Number Of U.S. Patents Issued Or Reissued To An Institution In The Reported Fiscal Years. Certificates Of Plant Variety Protection Issued By The U.S.D.A., If Any, Are Included.
Include The Total Number Of License Or Option Agreements That Were Executed During The Reported Fiscal Years Indicated For All Technologies. Each Agreement, Exclusive Or Non­Exclusive, Is Counted Separately.